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The future is not waiting

worker in a Shanghai old alley
worker in a Shanghai old alley

The thing about the future is that is seems to happen on time and not wait for us to be ready to receive it. And always things appear to be later than we think, don’t they?

Today I was with a friend on a photo walk in an old Shanghai neighborhood condemned to demolition and we saw that from week to week homes were being demolished leaving in the rubble, shoes, clothing, old furniture, toys…  It would seem that people had very little time to pack up and leave their homes before they were destroyed and we wondered at the levels of stress this must have caused a family that lived there possibly all their lives.  Change is often associated with pain, even if it was a change were seeking all along.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Well, it took my about 5 minutes, but I managed to read the writing on the wall as something about the sale of timber.
The picture is wonderful, but the story behind it so sad.

Brilliant composition. I also love what you’ve written here. I think sometimes that is part of the reason for the conflict in the world – the future is here and some people are not ready to receive it so they try to fight it.

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