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Day 31~ December 31st~ Guilin

The end of another journey
The end of another journey~ on the raft~ Li river~ Guilin

Today I end this journey back into the past. It has been very enlightening for me to revisit some of the places I have been to and deepen my connections to them, but I feel moved to put an end to this and move forward into something new before the 365 days end on this project. Tomorrow is a new day and with it I will start a new project.

Wishing you all a very smooth ride into the new year and all the hidden possibilities it may bring.

With love from Germany!! xoxo

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Dear Mimo,
Also from here, Rodenbach, a warm and heart-felt thank you for sharing all those pictures of rare moments, of breath-taking beauty, of facing reality, full of both respect and intimacy, together with the written lines from your mind about what it says to you. It´s been great to be on that journey with you – and I wonder what that daily flow, along unseen threads, between so many people, may have caused.
With very best wishes alround!

Thank you for sharing the world with us. I recall joining you in Lebanon, which is still my favorite. It drew me into the people and their world, which is a pattern that you continued with each stop. Thank you, thank you, thank you … and best wishes for a bountiful 2013.

Dear Frank, I value every comment from you and every visit! I will make more time to be much more responsive this year and hopefully we will continue our blog exchange as we move forward into the new year!

Many thanks …. interestingly, one thing I’ve learned as a reader is that bloggers do their best to visit, respond, etc as much as possible … and when they don’t, that means their time demands are too great to do so … but as blogger owners, we tend to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves . Oh well … hope that makes sense … and I look forward to what the new year offers.

Thank you so much![?][?]

I will think of you in Rodenbach tonight [?][?][?][?][?][?]…..[?] + wish you all my best for 2013, dear sister of kind…

Solange ( Solace before)

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