Day 30~ November 30th~ New York

those days

the new york city of then

With the last  New York post from this month, I am realizing how much of it is still in me. It has been one of the most personal months in my blog so far, so I will end it with a photo from then, from the time I was 21 and celebrating every single second I had in the city that never sleeps. We explored New York with so much openness, with inspiration, with joy, with boundless energy and that does something to you. I love photography because it captures moments that take you back, to feel, to remember to relive.

~ I am the one with the blond wig 🙂

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  1. Thank you for sharing NY with me 🙂

  2. Loving your moments in time…thank you for sharing

  3. Mimo! This month’s photos of New York have been outstanding. They are so vibrant, gorgeous and full of insight. Thank you so much!

  4. Have enjoyed your month of New York photos!

  5. Y look phatastic, dear Lady of kind!!! <3

  6. Lovely! Let’s not even think about the probable year!
    (I guess I was probably in Babylon Aka NY, then, looking for a job after grad school)
    Love your work. You have a keen eye.
    Eyes that looked around from NY to China to Indonesia.
    Ever “looked” at Africa?
    Brieuc (Aka Brian)

    • Hi Brian, yes, I have been to Africa. I posted 2 months earlier this year one from Congo and one from Egypt. Check them out under the categories if you wish.

      • Hi Mimo

        I sure will check Congo! Taking advantage of this link… A while ago I’d asked for your permission to use one of your pictures (with all due credit of course) in one of my short stories. The picture is “yellow and blue” and would fit the story perfectly. I didnt get your answer. (Probably didnt tick all the relevant boxes!) If you want to see the story before committing yourself I’d be glad to send you a copy. It’s in Spanish, though… If you don’t masticate the language I’m sure you can find someone who does. Take care

        Brieuc Martin-Onraet Cel: 55 36 47 47 95

        El 30/11/2012, a las 19:26, 365 from the archive escribi:

        > >

  7. How fun. Got that disco fever? 🙂

  8. Wondeful pic Mimo. As you say, a moment in time captured for always. A lovely end to this series. 🙂

  9. I fitting ending to your journey … and thanks for looking back at yourself.

  10. I used to dance like this, but it is a while ago…….

  11. You shine, Mimo! How beautiful.

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