Day 22~ October 22nd~ Yunnan

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innocence has many faces~ girls in Mushan village~ Yunnan

Have you ever noticed how children can change expressions so fast without being hung up on the effects of each emotion they experience? We adults tend to carry baggage through our emotions that causes us to often hold grudges, feel anger, thoughts of contempt, attachment, jealousy, animosity… the list goes on. When children fight, they are able to make up in a split second and whilst we are still wondering how to solve the problem they are already hugging and running off to play again.

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  1. Amazing. You have such a gift. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It’s cool how they all have different expressions. I like the one on the right. She looks kind of mischievous.

  3. Fantastic, Mimo! I love the range of expressions. 🙂

  4. wow!! i love all your work.
    Specially the Asian.

  5. Their faces surely show their characters Mimo..

  6. Awesome photo! Didn’t know about this blog until your post on the other one. Amazing photos!

  7. The looks on their faces are priceless!! Nice shot.

  8. beautiful shot done ,I like this pic with these various girls faces espcially the one at the left

  9. Belles expressions !!! et si jolies petites filles !

  10. Yes, this post reminds me of growing up with my brother. At one moment we are wrestling in anger against each other & pulling each others hair. Then the next moment we are playmates again and laughing all around the playground together.

  11. Many looks…

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