Day 2~ September 2nd~ Tuscany

a river of gold

Like all art lovers, I have dreamt of the first time I would lay eyes on Florence. I read, I researched, I gazed at art, I dove into the renaissance, its music, its glorious artists, its astounding architecture, and I thought what I would finally meet would be so awe inspiring. But Florence exceded my expectations by leaps and bounds. I fell in love instantly, I was smitten, I walked around with a mouth gaping open and I could almost hear my camera giggling with delight. It was magical, enchanting, rich in history and golden. I try with this image to paint my feelings about Florence as I superimposed them on what my camera registered.

22 thoughts on “Day 2~ September 2nd~ Tuscany

  1. Already liked your previous post,loved the lights and colours but this is stunning…Cant imagine where else you can find colours like this

  2. Your picture along with your description made me feel like I was there! When I was done reading… my already burning desire to travel just tripled… fantastic! What a journey and adventure you’ve had…

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