Day 2~ September 2nd~ Tuscany

a river of gold

Like all art lovers, I have dreamt of the first time I would lay eyes on Florence. I read, I researched, I gazed at art, I dove into the renaissance, its music, its glorious artists, its astounding architecture, and I thought what I would finally meet would be so awe inspiring. But Florence exceded my expectations by leaps and bounds. I fell in love instantly, I was smitten, I walked around with a mouth gaping open and I could almost hear my camera giggling with delight. It was magical, enchanting, rich in history and golden. I try with this image to paint my feelings about Florence as I superimposed them on what my camera registered.

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    I love the bit about almost hearing your camera giggling with delight! I can see what you mean, what a really beautiful picture! A great advert for Florence!

  2. wow mimo – how lovely.

  3. You definately painted it, beautiful, thanks for sharing

  4. Wonderful image Mimo! love the way you saw and approach <3 I guess it was a a cool / warm bi color filter; a delightful photograph, congrats :–)

  5. Already liked your previous post,loved the lights and colours but this is stunning…Cant imagine where else you can find colours like this

  6. Wow! Just… wow!!

  7. Liquid gold … A perfect work.

  8. Good work , Colors are beautiful .

  9. It looks like pure gold. Great photo. Thanks.

  10. Your picture along with your description made me feel like I was there! When I was done reading… my already burning desire to travel just tripled… fantastic! What a journey and adventure you’ve had…

  11. beautiful colors and composition…Florence indeed.

  12. WOW! This photo has magic!

  13. Beautiful image Mimo!

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