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Day13~ August 13th~ Boracay


‘Abandoned’, and interesting word. If you like  to anagram words as I often like to do, then you will find this: abandoned = a dead boon. A boon is a blessing or something to be thankful for among other definitions. So when we humans abandon something, do we stop being thankful for it and for its value in our lives. And if we take that away from the physical worlds and apply it so something we are gifted with, a skill that we have, a gifting that we received and if we choose to abandon that, wouldn’t we be stopping any possibility of its growth and basically be killing it?

photo taken: an abandoned boat in Boracay

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

7 replies on “Day13~ August 13th~ Boracay”

Dear Mimo,

This is the moment to write! We met recently during the international Youth Camp.

I very much love your daily posts, receive them for about 10 months, most every time falling in love with what I see and read, and feel from you. And great to learn about places I never heard of in such an intimate way.

Today, this moment, the trigger is the anagram – yes, great things they are!
The “dead boon” is very true and telling (never mind the extra o and missing n :-))
And, being a musician, here’s another one, same same: “a done band”… if musicians abandon their original spirit, the sound will instantly lose its attraction, no matter how well they may be able to play.

With much respect and endearment,
on the same journey,

Dear Ring,
That is a reminder to keep anagrams till after the jet lag wears off 🙂 Thank you for your sweet words and the extra anagram and the wonderful insight with it! And thank you for the wonderful sounds you lead the youth to creating in the youth camp!
with much warmth,

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