Day 27~ June 27th~ Xinjiang

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walking the path of change

In our lives we get so comfortable with the familiar, we anchor ourselves in the past and we walk around with the certainty of the now. The future, we file in our minds as unknown, not yet tread, uncertain, and we handle it with the tools of our past based on what we already know and have done. But what if the rules of the game have changed? What if the future is dealing us a new card? What if the path is about to change direction? How then do we get ourselves fit to interpret the future? Where do find the tools to update ourselves and be ready for what is clearly changing all what we know from governments, weather patterns, mental possibilities, arts, technology… everything that we see resulting from that which we don’t see?

Woke up to so many more questions today…

photo taken: an old man walking on a Kashgar city street~ Xinjiang

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  1. ok, this one speaks to me! great photography!!

  2. Powerful post, Mimo. The questions are so thought-provoking, and the image goes well with your thoughts.

  3. This foot picture and the question you ask are powerful. Well done!

  4. I love all your photos, really amaizing! Here I leave my new blog from Argentina

  5. As Helen said, this is very thought provoking.

  6. The now is the only thing we really have.. thought provoking post Mimo..

  7. Living in the past can be detrimental, but learning from the past can make the walk to the future less uncertain.

  8. A Classic art photo!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  9. Très belle photo! Tout dans la simplicité et le mouvement …

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