Day 19~ June 19th~ Xinjiang

the beautiful girl with the unibrow

A dew drop on a fresh flower petal at dawn radiates a beauty beyond anything we humans can create…

The concept of beauty is a funny one. What is considered beautiful in one culture can be completely unattractive in another. In China where we live, big noses are considered attractive, while tan skin is not, and ladies walk around with umbrellas during the sunny days to protect their fairness. In the west, we work very hard on shaping our eyebrows to achieve a minimal look, whereas in Asia, the unibrow is a sought after symbol of beauty.

I find beauty in the varying concept of beauty. I love traveling the world and learning its different ways. I love the fact that we humans are able to express ourselves in so many varied ways and to respond to land radiations and let them permeate our ways, from food, dress, thought, religion, fashion, even down to our perceptions of beauty.

photo taken: Uyghur girl in the market in Kashgar

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  1. What a beautiful photograph.

  2. Beautiful photo (as usual) and what a beautiful way of articulating the importance of defining beauty (that is to say, that is can’t be universally defined)

  3. Lovely image and words… beauty is in the eye, but it is definitely everywhere!

  4. Un excellent portrait !

  5. Well said … With communication and travel making the world smaller, just another reason for learning about cultures beyond one’s own.

  6. I think you are right about the concept of beauty being so different from place to place.

    Weight is another area of disagreement; some cultures like more “meat on the bones,” and in America thin is the standard of beauty.

  7. I never knew that unibrow was a symbol of beauty! Truly amazing! And I love her eyes…so beautiful!

  8. Encore une superbe photo, l’article est excellent aussi. Hope to see you soon. Eric

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