Day 13~ June 13th~ Xinjiang

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On the high mountains, you become an intimate friend of suns, stars and planets…

Up there in towns like Tashkurgan, people know what stars move in the night sky, what the sun is up to in his travels during the day and what kind of weather that will bring the next days and weeks. The smog of the city does not reach them and does not dare build a screen between them and the heavens. These people are touched by nature, they are flirting with the elements and are given access to knowledge beyond the ordinary and above the explainable.

photo taken: a boy or I should say a young gentleman weathered by the proximity of the sun in Tashkurgan~ Xinjiang

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  1. Wonderful work. You are a great person who make great all persons. Nice to meet you! Thank you very much!

  2. I have said it before and think it often Mimo…your words are as exquisite as your portraits

  3. Happy face. Great portrait!

  4. beautifully off-centered image. nice job!

  5. How can you create photos like this….. Really wonderful!!

  6. Bonjour,
    J’ai mis en valeur ton site sur ma homepage (en bas à droite) – catégorie “One Lovely Blog Awards” …
    Amicalement et à bientôt.

    (PS: les sites amis sont les sites avec lesquels nous avons des accords d’échanges de photos et de liens réciproques dans la cadre de notre “Voyage en éphémère” – si jamais tu croises de beaux graffitis dans ton pays, n’hésite pas à nous les envoyer, tu pourras ainsi rejoindre nos amis collecteurs de mémoire, 10 actuellement …)

  7. You have been portraying a positive culture!

  8. Only 800 miles to the west was Omar Kaiyyam writing about the sun, the stars, the planets and their connection to Life in his “Rubaiyat.” Nice post. I am enjoying this series very much.

  9. Your pictures are great

  10. The weather this young man faces is evident by the wrinkles in his eyes as he smiles.

  11. This is a truly magnificent capture. I find your work just remarkable.

  12. Hi,
    A great photo. 🙂

  13. In each of your images, the people are truly happy and they are inspiring.

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