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Day 11~ June 11th~ Xinjiang

Kyrgyz hospitality

Those who have little often are the ones who give selflessly…

This is so true of nomadic people all over the world. Hospitality is part of who they are as people and they are known to welcome their guest by offering them the best of the little that they have. It is an insult to reject their hospitality perhaps because that would suggest hostility towards the host. The Kyrgus people of lake Karakol are no different and their soup is a most delicious offering to a traveler in the high mountains. Dare mention how good the food is and you are sure to be force-fed a second portion!

photo taken: a grandmother hostess in her yurt offering soup to one of my fellow travelers.


By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

10 replies on “Day 11~ June 11th~ Xinjiang”

This is beautiful. Over lunch my son asked me, “Who has the best life.” I told him, “The people who have the least,” He really doesn’t understand how stuff doesn’t make us happy. i can’t wait to show him someday soon… Love this series.

Lovely photo Mimo. As you keep demonstrating with your posts, those that have the least seem happier, more content and as this post shows, more generous than those in the wealthier parts of the world. It is a shame that in having so much we loose site of some of these very basic human qualities.

I think this is a wonderful post – what a beautiful photo and your words are so universal. I have felt what you write of many times over, and it not only makes you feel good, but pleases the host. Great moments of mutual happiness.

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