Day 2~ June 2nd~ Xinjiang

Uyghur gentleman at door of Idkah mosque in Kashgar

The Idkah or in local Uyghur language Heit Kah mosque is the largest in China. Locals in Kashgar gather daily for prayer on the grounds of the old mosque and for celebrations in its large courtyard. The mosque was first built in 1442 as a small structure and was later expanded in different stages.

There is a great kind of dignity with the locals in Kashgar that stares you right in the eyes. I could also feel a sense being content with who they are, a strong belief and a strength from unity emanating from the people that I met during my travels in the region.


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  1. This works well – I think due to the lighting on his face and his expression – and also to that wonderful band of pale green that seems almost to flow around behind him, forming a niche or stage for him. Adrian

  2. Beautiful ambient lighting – what a great portrait, Mimo!

  3. love the expression and the color

  4. Great portrait. Love the colors and light. I also like the subtle whimsical look on his face. Great shot.

  5. I read this photo all wrong from what you have written Mimo.. I thought he was looking a bit unsure of you; a bit mistrusting…

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