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Day 13~ May 13th~ Cambodia

the little girl in Ta Prohm

Finding yourself in a temple like Ta Prohm with its mysterious stone structures, the large banyan trees that are reclaiming the architecture and devouring it back into the earth is a kind of mystical experience. I was there wandering between the ancient walls when I heard a rustle behind the trees, I looked over and I saw a beautiful pair of eyes following me around. I approached slowly and a slow exchange began to happen between the little girl who owned those eyes and me. The hesitancy gradually gave way to smiles, the distrust to trust and we ended up walking together silently. At the end of my visit, the little fairy of Ta Prohm granted me the chance of a portrait to treasure for years to come.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

24 replies on “Day 13~ May 13th~ Cambodia”

Great photo of the adorable companion! She looks like she is posing a bit fashionably and her facial expression is shy with a bit knowing how cute she is. Whenever I travel to such places in which there are young kids looking for attention, it melts my heart.

If I look in the eyes of this little fairy I see so much warmth, softness and trust.
What’s feelable is the special connection between you two.

Such a gorgeous photo. I have had the optupronity to travel all around Asia but have not yet been to Cambodia. It’s definitely on my travel bucket list!

Absolutely the sweetest of faces beautifully captured..

I couldn’t help but think if you wanted to take a photograph of a child this kind of age in the UK you’d probably get arrested if you didn’t get permission from her parent first as though everyone is considered a potential paedophile. which is very sad. I also thought that when I saw your innocent photograph of the naked child boating..
Even parents are not allowed to video their own children in school plays etc in many schools in the Uk.. it’s madness

We live in the kind of world where children are so exploited so I guess it’s hardly surprising..

I know what you mean Helen. But we live in a world where everything, including minds and innocence are polluted. I refuse to let perversion win. Children are innocent and I choose to see them and represent them innocently.

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