Day 4~ May 4th~ Cambodia

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the faces in the jungle

No matter how prepared you are when visiting Cambodia and despite all the photos you may have seen, meeting the stone buddha heads and faces in the jungles of Siem Reap can be an astounding experience. There is a great serenity in those faces, a wonderful calm even with the sense of eeriness, and they raise hundreds of questions in the mind of any visitor.

Even when the temples are in a state of ruin and natural erosion and deterioration, Siem Reap is visited by thousands of monks who continue to pay homage in this historical place. Something religious is very alive and well in Cambodia and it is quite difficult to miss.

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  1. There’s something very painterly about this image that perfectly captures that serenity. Thanks for sharing all these great photos!

  2. What a beautiful, amazing image. I would love to visit Cambodia someday.

  3. how beautiful, mimo!

  4. God watches us and over us no matter whether it is a he or a she or an it. God is always within us (no matter what we practice) and yet surprises us when it appears; loving or otherwise. You can not escape God if God is you. This is not a religious statement, it is a philosophical statement about who we are. Thank you once more for a thought provoking post. The statue caught me off guard.

  5. i am full of awe…you must have seen wonders…thank you for sharing

  6. Outstanding framing of the temple’s face.

  7. This is part of the magic in Cambodia and other places like it – finding signs of human existence in unexpected places. And when they are on the scale (represented here) it makes these spaces feel enchanted and holy. Another nice addition to the journey.

  8. Serenity ws exactly what I thought before I read the text Mimo.. beautifully framed..

  9. Cambodia seems very myterious and attractive. Really enjoying the trip. Thanks

  10. This is a gorgeous image Mimo…………………

  11. I’ve always wondered about the fact that everybody came back with the same pictures- from enthusiasts to point and shoot people. But maybe its one of those places that warrants a personal visit to make sense of the 2D version.

  12. Madame is it a sacred place? Well captured. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  13. It’s really beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. I always like reading your blog. I feel like myself doing the journey.

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