Day 10~ April 10th~ Congo

her 'Sunday Best'

It was a Sunday morning in Goma and we had spent the early morning in the medical center meeting and photographing refugee children. The children and their parents had nothing but rags on, some had bandages, very tired faces and exhausted smiles.

And then driving back on the black volcanic streets of the city I was startled to see this beautiful girl. She was immaculately styled as she crouched there playing with dry reeds on the ground and waiting for her parents to walk together to church.

The best moments in photography are the ones that just happen when everything comes together without much planning and I love this photograph for just that fact.

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  1. This is the photo I was waiting for passing through your beautiful photographs 🙂

    This is the other side of the coin.

    Thank you

  2. what can I say?! You Know… it s art…..

  3. A wonderful photograph of a beautiful little girl Mimo!

  4. Yes, you’ve hit it, Mimo, that’s what the best moments of photography are. Adrian

  5. Your Congo series is awesome! I have just nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award:

  6. You were definitely in the right place at the right time. Fantastic photo

  7. She is so beautiful!

  8. Good catch … yet I still see a sadness on her face.

  9. At first glance, I was wondering why does she wear such a beautiful dresses. After I read the story, no wonder, she is going to Church, that’s why she is dressed up.

  10. She has a very beautiful dress. At first glance I was wondering why does she wear such a beautiful dress, after reading I know that she is going to Church. No wonder she dressed up beautifully . Good photo I must say.

  11. Photo and story are topnotch. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  12. HI,
    This is definitely a lot different than the other photos of the children that you have shown, she is so very clean and tidy, obviously her parents are well off. I can’t get over the red hair, is her hair dyed? It just seems so unusual.

  13. Brilliant shot. She stands out so beautifully against the background. Wonderfully done. Great timing.

  14. What a fabulous story. Your work reminds me of Helen Levitt: “Perfect moments unnoticed.” I admire you both

  15. Mimo, that photo is definitely striking and eye-catching! It does NOT spell destitution, nor a hand-to-mouth existence. The picture brings to my mind the adage that “things are not always what they appear to be”. (thumbs up, Mimo) 🙂

  16. not to mention the tones and color here are so perfect.. any idea what film you were using at the time? This must’ve been towards sunset because the lighting and everything turned out fantastic, beautiful portrait

  17. If hope could be expressed in one succint way, with only one photo, then I think that would be it. It’s amazing and I find hard to express it in words.

  18. I love her strong-looking muscular arms.

  19. Brilliant and lovely. This is such a beautiful photo.

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