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Day 28~ March 28th~ Egypt

the temple of Hatshepsut

The impressive mortuary temple built for Queen Hatshepsut, the 18th dynasty female Pharaoh stands as the evidence of Egypt’s influence on today’s classical architecture styles. This pharaoh was known for her great power and dominion over both upper and lower Egypt and was said to reign for over 22 years.

The original name of the mortuary temple is Djeser-Djeseru (holy of holies) and it is entirely dedicated to the birth and life of the queen to whom it was dedicated.

Legends of Queen Hatshepsut’s great ambition as a ruler and the later destruction and desecration of her statues leave much to ponder about her  intentions as a ruler of Egypt. The sense I got standing at the temple near Deir el Bahari is that of cloudy oppression.


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I’ve been on the go, so I’m just now catching up with your latest posts.

Your shots from Egypt are captivating! How long were you there in all? I made it to the Pyramids almost a decade ago, but would’ve loved to have visited the Valley of the Kings.

Hmm. turbulent times, how terrifying it must have been to live in those times.. even for royalty with family members murdering family. Though it all still goes on.. c

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