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Day 26~ March 26th~ Egypt

inside the shaft of the great pyramid

The Pyramid of Khufu in Giza, the greatest and largest pyramid known to us, I had the chance to walk inside it in 1996. If you find the pyramids mysterious and impressive on the outside which everyone I know does, then the inside will leave you mystified! The pyramid of Khufu is constructed with shafts like this one in the photo above that are perfectly straight and on a large scale connecting in a strange maze that no one seemed to have figured out the purpose of despite many various efforts.

The wooden steps you see in the very old photo I took back then were added to allow tourists to walk up the shaft that leads to the king’s chamber.

It was a very strange feeling being in a such a wonder of the ancient past and thinking only how futuristic it felt.

(writing this post and the next few while away in NYC, so I will have very little  to reply to comments, but hopefully will catch up soon :))

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I remember vividly how it felt to be inside the pyramid — musty, humid, hot… almost suffocating really. And at the end, one discovers that the King’s Chamber is really not that impressive. It’s just a box, vandalized by the French archaeologist who discovered it. (And the tomb guard that encourages you to take a photo of the tomb in exchange for a little “baksheesh” really does not help haha.) But then your mind starts imagining and realizing all the history behind the tomb… and that’s when it really begins to be wonderful!

I lived in Egypt for two months. Your photos are fantastic — and having them in B&W makes me feel all the more nostalgic. I miss it terribly.

Glad to have found your blog.

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