Day 23~ March 23rd~ Egypt

the boy who spoke to the camel

Our memories work in a funny way that we mostly remember the things that stand out, the odd things…

Have you ever met someone who spoke to animals in the most natural way as if animals understood every word they said? I have.

This boy in this 15 year old film scan was the camel herder during a sunrise trip we took to the pyramids at Giza. It was a very early morning hour exactly at sunrise and I heard him going on and on carrying a conversation that sounded to me like he was speaking to another person. He spoke of things that in my mind a camel could not understand and would have absolutely no interest in, but nevertheless the boy went on and on. And this made me think that if I were to spend hours everyday in the desert and in the company of very few people, would I find it necessary to speak to animals in such an intimate manner? This was another one of those moments that remained etched in my mind and that kept coming back to me each time I saw a camel. Each one of us has some random memories that keep surfacing in our conscious minds and leave us wondering why.


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  1. Excellent picture, Mimo! Adrian

  2. This was such a good angle Mimo, with his big eyes looking up at you..

  3. Hi,
    What a great photo, a very good shot. 😀

  4. very very cool

  5. Oh how wonderful.. can you remember what he was talking about.. what a great memory and to have his image as well! c

  6. I believe it. I love it when I come across moments like this those things that happen and they etch their way into your mind forever. Wonderful story. Great photo.

  7. The power lies in the eyes of this photo.

  8. Niiiiice ! And I also liked the photo of the coptic monastery. Very fitting and a way to pay hommage to Pope Shenouda III who died last week.
    Thank you again for your wonderful posts !

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