Day 19~ March 19th~ Egypt

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The great sphinx at Giza

The more we find out about history the less we actually know…

The Great Sphinx in the Giza plateau, original purpose unknown, original name unknown, actual construction date unknown, and despite all that, one of the largest and oldest statues in the world stands proudly looking at us, impressing us and challenging us to find out more. It is so daunting to look at that I am not surprised the arabs call it “Abū al Hūl”, (father of terror). 

No matter how much we know about history, how much information we have gathered, and how certain we are about our theories, the largest part of the puzzle remains unsolved, and yet it begs our investigation.

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  1. your photo even has an aura of mystery behind it, in the way it is processed! I agree with your words completely!

  2. Awesome capture!

  3. What an amazing mystery…

  4. Well written. “Father of terror”? – you taught me something new. I had no idea that’s how it’s perceived. Great photo and article.

  5. Hi,
    So very true about history. 🙂

  6. The opening sentence is profound as I like to say that the more one knows, the more one discovers how much they don’t know, thus how much there is to learn. Meanwhile, your photo is outstanding. If the Sphinx is large, that pyramid must be huge!

  7. I’ve always wanted to see a sphinx up close. You’ve provided me with that opportunity. 🙂

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