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Day 13~ March 13th~ Egypt

larger than life

Have you ever wondered why entities that aim to exercise power over us are always large, imposing, overwhelming? Government buildings, houses of religion, temples, Egypt…

The first thing that I registered when looking at Egyptian art is how large everything is, how oppressively daunting it is. The first reaction is to feel small in the face of it, and less significant. But isn’t the human significance and power more concentrated in the smaller worlds? Isn’t the whole universal power coded in every cell of the human body and just waiting to be activated to its highest potential by personal development?

Just a ponder along the way…

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Your photography is always great. It is interesting that Ancient Egyptians made things so large…humbling indeed. Especially without the use of modern tools and technology.

The greatest human strength does seem to arise from the oppressed. It seems the more you try to destroy something or to belittle it the more it grows stronger. Nice image!

I remember studying Egyptian art and architecture at school and yes, they always did everything on a large and imposing scale. I think it was meant to make the viewer feel intimidated or in awe of the person painted.

I suppose that is the goal of such daunting figures– to make the observer feel smaller and less significant. It allows the figure to command reverence and attention. It is somewhat like arguments– shouting the loudest is used to quench other opinions or ideas. That is why we, as individuals, need to take moments to stop revering others or listening to popular loud voices in the media… Only then can we come to self-realization that we are no less significant.

I have found, that those with the largest personifications are the ones with the greatest egos and weakest character. Indomitable structures ~ then, and a protective fence of bureaucracy ~ now, is used to convince the individual that their strengths are not significant. I don’t know the background of this particular leader, Madhu gave us some positive feedback, so my comment probably doesn’t apply to this fellow. I agree with you though, as one person we may be smaller in size and personality, but the strength of an individual cannot be underestimated. I read a great quote the other day, it went something like this, ‘We give our strength away when we choose to agree with those who we allow to define us.” It was more eloquent than that, but that was the gist of it ;p. Thank you for your blog, photos and insights. It connects me to a world very different than my own. Cheers, Jennifer

I think we know so little about the ancient Egyptians… What is detected here and there is based mostly on assumption. What you say makes so much sense and that quote adds great light to the idea of finding by ourselves who we really are and what we are meant to do… Thank you for that Jennifer

It’s so true, the first thing that those who want power do is shrink the people around them… I never thought of that in relation to the large powerful structures. Great things to ponder today…

Two things strike me. Yes, the bigness of institutional things … simply take your pick. But then whether it is the DNA in every cell, of the atoms that unite into molecules that make the DNA and all cell parts, or even the parts within an atom or the composition of the universe, this organization is mind boggling and inspiring. It seems our posts today are closely linked (as I hope you see).

What is it that makes a single individual stand out? There are many who are brilliant but only a few are remembered. There are millions who are persistant yet only several who concentrate their power. Is it a single event that offers the odds to be drastically changed? Possibly a series of events all tied together to form a rope that allows the chosen few to climb to the pinnacle. And if we knew the secret how many of us would dare to use it?

A great photo – I like the light streaming in across the face. I’m amazed at the ability we have as humans to create such beauty…stunning 🙂 Who knows what each of us will become!

Very true indeed. I remember visiting this, I think it’s the Ramses at Memphis, yes? It always marvels me how they produced such precise forms, yet alone managed to lift them into place and keep them there. But you’re point about the human form being coded is a lovely one. Especially when we add to this that, as our mutual friend Lawrence would have said, nothing is written. The blueprints are there and they are unique to us, but it’s we who choose which of these will manifest through our thoughts and deeds.

Yes, absolutely, amazing that each and every single human that was born on this planet had different fingerprints! Nothing is written indeed! We each have the chance to write and rewrite our destiny haven’t we? Fascinating wonderings…

You raise an interesting question. While nothing is written I have come to believe that there is such a thing as destiny. When I was serving in Iraq, we got taken out by an I.E.D. Why am I still here and my mate Dave who was sat next to me isn’t. You do start to ask yourself these questions.

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