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Day 29~ February 29th~ Lebanon

Farewell to the ancient mountains

I am 2 days late in posting this because I am finding it so hard to leave my one month process with Lebanon, the most special place for me on this Earth. But life and this project must go on. On to the next journey in the next place which you will know about in the next post. It has been quite a journey the last month mentally traveling through my archives of photos, through my diaries and through the hieroglyphs of my mind. I hope you were able to get a small sense of how wonderful and extraordinary Lebanon was, is and can be. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have been following, commenting and encouraging along the way. Great thanks to the people at wordpress who added this blog to freshly pressed twice! And many thanks to those who have been nominating me for awards. I must admit, I have not figured out how the whole process works and what to do with them, but I will.

I am posting 2 self portraits from Lebanon, one with my beloved mountains and one gazing at the deep blue Mediterranean.

See you tomorrow elsewhere πŸ™‚

farewell to the deep blue sea

By ~mimo~

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I love how you ended with a joyous leap on Leap Day. I am sorry to see this part of the series end too. Your love for Lebanon really comes through your images and words. However, I’m also looking forward to the next series. (I know I’m dreadfully behind. I couldn’t just delete your posts because I am enjoying your explorations through your archives so much.)

Great pics! Thanks to you for sharing the stories and photos from there. That’s awesome that you got freshly pressed. I’m not sure either, how they determine that, but it’s easy to see why they would choose your blog. Be safe and stay blessed on your continued adventures!

Love the parting shots. Would love to see more Lebanon in the future but I’m very, very excited to see where else your pictures take us. πŸ˜€

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