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Day Two Hundred Ninety Four, November 12, 2011

like ghosts they walk

The streets are their home, their lives nomadic, moving from place to place, staring at nothingness, invisible to others, just passing by, walking like ghosts. I look, I wonder, what their stories are, what wrong turns landed them where they are today, what were they before, what toys they played with as children, what made them giggle…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

5 replies on “Day Two Hundred Ninety Four, November 12, 2011”

great photo, thanks for sharing it and your thoughts with us. I think we often run thought our busy days not thinking about the people around us, walking by us or sharing a bus ride with us. We all have stories to tell, wouldn’t it be nice to take some time to hear more of them…….

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