Day Two Hundred Sixty Six, October 15, 2011

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We are born, we live, we journey through life from event to event, we witness other travelers arriving, others leaving, we wonder where they came from, where are they going to, we search history books, we seek religion, we question science, we hope to hear any truth, any certainty from a wise sage, we pray to what we consider to be a higher force, we test our belief, we question reality, and we never really get THE answer we are looking for. All we get are more questions and a realization that our journey is only but a part of a much bigger one packed full of mystery and the answers lie within us to discover, maybe not here and not now, but somewhere sometime…

photo taken: man walking in an alley of the old water city Zhouzhuang, China

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  1. Love this one- Very ominous!

  2. Such an intriguing shot, and those dark tones really add to the mystery, and to the man’s solitude as well. Nicely done.

  3. there is no destination.. only the journey. this shot is full of words! c

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