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State of the World~

Where are we headed ?

Our world today is hurting, women are crying, children are dying and the killing of innocents is just another daily story on the news…

How did we become so desensitised to the pain of others? I see myself going about my day, doing my daily tasks, stopping for a moment to hear the latest news, wincing with pain at the images I see and the stories I hear and then something in me tells me to keep going, life needs to be lived, work has to be done, emotions need to be kept at bay.

I send a silent prayer and a wish for the world to be better place, where humans are not possessed by hate and stripped of empathy.

We seem to be crossing dangerous lines in our definition of what being human really means and what parameters define having a humanity. How can like and dislike, taking sides, hating one side or the other be acceptable enough to disregard the loss of lives and the terrorising of innocent people? How much hunger for power, greed and lust can a leader have to excuse their playing God on the expense of human lives that do not belong to them in the first place.

My strong belief is that when something this low is taking our planet hostage, then there must be the very high trying to save it on the other side. If we stop for a moment and shut the noise off, and remember that we are human, born on this faraway planet, spinning in space, subject to so many unknown forces that can cause a change at any moment, then there, in that space between time and no time, I feel the hope that wouldn’t let me give up on the human race…

By ~mimo~

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Ah, Marie-Claire… this coming world for your daughter and my grandchildren, and for all children everywhere is just frightening. I feel “back” in 1938 or 1939, when the planet exploded… Hate is just everywhere…
Stay safe…

Dear Mimo,
Thank you for your post.
I felt it, and identify with this assessment of things right now.
I feel similarly, though situated far away from you. My prayers and positive wishes are here conveyed in return.
My best,

Thanks a lot for your reply and sentiments dear Michael. I believe we need to retain positivity in this dark time and hold on to hope. Have a peaceful week!

In this very difficult and decisive time for the planet, we do have a choice: to nurture hope and to continue living daily life in a loving way. Each of us can make a difference and in that way way help create an atmosphere, which allows new possibilities and solutions to emerge.

In this very difficult and decisive period for the planet, we do have a choice: to nurture hope and to continue living daily life in a loving way. Each of us can make a dfference and in that way help create an atmosphere which allows new possibilities and solutions to emerge.

Does the reflex of survival not allow us to feel the ongoing pain in our heart, mind, body, whereas we should all be in agony by what is going on around us?
Is it because of the shame and guilt of not being able to do anything seeing human values, being erased by greed and power,out of our control?
I feel empty, helpless, mostly loosing hope, only searching glimpses of love from my loved ones…
Just tring to keep the lower emotions away from my complex…
Will this be enough today, I really do not know… I do not know..
I just want to believe that good will somehow prevail..
I want to believe we will have enough power to make this happen..

Humans I believe are capable of enormous change and hope will never be lost as long as even one person is giving it a home. It only takes one candle to put out the darkness.

so well expressed, I imagine it must have been difficult to write. The feeling of helplessness, disbelief at how low we have sunk. I’m glad you ended it on a hopeful note, hope is what will keep us going.

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