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Morning Coffee Talk~45/365

Spectators in Prague at the dancing clock in the old town.

Good Morning,

Last night I dreamt of a man walking in the fog and woke up today to find a foggy world around me. But that’s another story.

Have you noticed how much time we spend capturing life in our devices without taking the time to feel it, sense it, be with it and understand it? I am guilty of that on account of my photography and I resolved to make myself put my devices away at times and just ‘be’ with what is trying to ‘be’ with me.

I can’t believe how fast this project is moving with already 45 posts done. Time waits for no one. It is later than we think…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

3 replies on “Morning Coffee Talk~45/365”

Il est plus tard que tu ne penses. Que nous pensons… So it is.
The Prague picture is daunting. We went there with our daughters. One of our last family trips, before they “ran off” (not far) to their lives.
There weren’t so many crowds by that clock.

I am enjoying these posts and am inspired to create something similar of my own. Thank you.

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