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Morning Coffee Talk~ 28/365

My sister and I in Lebanon
My sister and I in Chatel, she is the goofy one

Good Morning,

At her beautiful home in Dubai

Well it’s still morning in Germany, but already after 1 pm in Dubai, so time is playing games with me today.

I flew overnight and as you can imagine it is exhausting to do so. I arrived as if in a dream and after being met by my Dubai resident sister, a favorite Lebanese breakfast and long chats, I found myself asleep on a cute bench under the tree in her backyard to the sound of chirping birds in the amazing mild weather here at this time of year.

Sisters… you share your childhood with them, you share secrets, you fight wars and in the end they remain that, sisters. It’s a bond unlike any other, and to understand it , you have to be one, sister.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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LOL. Germany is a bit continental. And whatever bit of sea they may have is a tad cold. (But then, brought up in Africa I’ve always considered French beaches to be a bit of a joke…)

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