Good morning to you wherever you are. 

This early morning I woke up thinking about home. I have been asked several times, having led a semi-nomadic life : ‘where is home?’. Each time I scan the places where I had laid down roots and New York City lights up like a star in a clear night’s sky. 

New York was home to me from 1987 to 2002 and those years gifted me with self discovery, friends that are still friends today, invaluable experience and most importantly, ART.

I think home is something we carry in our hearts, in our suitcases and in the moment where we feel like ourselves the most. 

So if you ask me now where home is, I would say right here, where I am, writing this, waiting for my daughter to wake up and exchange our calendar small gifts, watching the first light appear and having a second cup of coffee. 

What is home to you?

Morning Coffee Talk~ 4/365

Big City Blur
The city that never stops
with the many
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