The magic of a rainy day~ Germany

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There is a charm that can only be captured on a rainy day and a mood particular to that atmosphere of chilly raindrops, umbrellas and leaves blowing in the wind that I always long to photograph. It’s visual poetry that turns gloom into romance and magnifies the bit of light the day has against the dark background. I wouldn’t hide my camera from the rain, no, I would always choose to join it.

And don’t get me started on reflections…

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  1. Excellent series, I especially like no: 2,10,& 11.

  2. beautiful pictures!

  3. beautiful photos! Well done

  4. There is really poetry in your fantastic images of rainy days. I admired all of them. As it is here in California finally raining a lot, we need that rain so badly. Enjoy the puddles with your camera

  5. really enjoyed these images. >

  6. Gorgeous images, Mimo. You really see in the rain. Reflections are fleeting and take a special eye and perspective to capture and you have done this so beautifully. Great compositions and use of aperture in all of these.

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