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Lost and found in Marrakech ~

Marrakech, a city that does not trust photographers, a place that lives off tourists and snubs them say the same time, but that’s just on the surface. In the last 4 days I asked every local I had the chance to speak with why is there such an automatic and immediate negative response to being photographed, and strangely, no one could give me a straight answer. So I took an approach that I never had to use before in all my travels, I asked, then I laughed and joked (speaking Arabic is definitely helping) and somehow the ice was breaking here and there. It has definitely been a great exercise in disarming, building trust and finding a human common ground connection that is making it all worthwhile.

More about my day in the Berber villages in the next post.

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I became addicted to Morocco and got to know it so i could trsvel around fairly comfortably but yes have never enjoyed the freedom of catching beautiful prople moments as I have done in say China. In Morocco theres either those few who have absolutely no problem to having their photo taken and we have just enjoyed taking in gazing at each other or the remainder who just calmly say no, or move their head or hand or body so quickly to those who respond within a range of aggression even to picking up stones and threatening. Even people in the background or side on or way in the distance will see the camera and move out of a natural position and come asking for money or complaining why you took a photo of them.
Moroccans ive been involved with like family in the past say there are still women who believe a photo takes their soul, but most women will say they dont want their photos to end up in magazines or Facebook.
I think there’s been such a long history of people in power, whether husbands, brothers, police, caids, pashas or sultans, and social stigma in close social networks having the potential in those dominating relationships to inflict cruel punishments and the consequences the women just don’t want to risk.
But still beautiful and as for the colourful landscapes and the changing seasons i hope youve been out on that too…no doubt im about to become even more envious of your gorgeous results as I look for more of your photos.

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