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Where is your happy place?~

You often hear people escaping mentally to their happy places where they can reconnect with who they are meant to be for a moment; rewriting some chapters, rearranging some priorities and for just a short moment, just ‘being’.

I found my happy place when I went to Myanmar. I could not stop smiling there, it was a wellness trip of sorts where I met the ‘me’ that Life had made me forget.

Have you met your happy place?

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Simple yet beautiful post. My happy place is those hills in Himachal Pradesh, India. They will never fail to give you warm welcomes no matter how cold it is. They call you out to give you as much space you need in your life. πŸ™‚

What a great conversation. My happy place is wherever music is. Music has a “magic” that can transform and re-balance your thoughts. It can bring happiness or sadness, but usually memories of past events. Memories are always welcome, to move forward and promote happiness and contentment.

I want to say I haven’t found my happy place, but it’s different for everyone, not an exact location but a sense of being. So my happy place isn’t one place, but the many still pictures I have with my daughter and nephew. Those instances that I remember why our phones have cameras. My family is my happy place.

What about the cruelty of the government? Do you feel at ease in such a place? How is happiness possible under those circumstances?
<3 solange, Germany

Yes that’s absolutely appalling. But the people I met are the fishermen, farmers and simple people. Every place has the good and the bad and I am definitely not oblivious to the problems of our planet. Thanks for your comment Solange.

Myanmar is our home sweet home; hope to go back there when we retire but can never tell the future. Happy to know that you find it to your Happy Place. Thank you! And by the way, Oman is a lovely place too. So spacious and lovely waters!

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