Happy People Attract Essences~

Someone very wise once said: “happy people attract essences” . Such a true statement and how contagious is a smile! In my street photography around the world I find myself mostly walking around with a goofy smile while I interact with people in their daily lives. Brief moments shared and remembered for a long long time.

Photo of this lovely lady taken in a slum in New Delhi earlier this year.

Day 12 of 365

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Dear Mimo, I’ m puzzled, because I understood your project as if you would take a NEW photo for every day of the new year! So far you posted only photos you have taken already…
with the best,
solange <3

Dear Solange, if you see my first post, I tasked my self with a photo and a thought for everyday as a commitment for 365 Days 🙂 I did not choose to take the photo on that day as I have done that project before and enjoyed it years ago in my journey. This time around I am opening myself to a new experience as I journey through my archives as well as daily life. So there is no rule on the image only on the daily heartbeat of blogging. Hope this clarifies it. xo

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