Ancient Tradition and Pretty Lanterns~ Shanghai

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lantern-festival-shanghai-6lantern-festival-shanghai-3lantern-festival-shanghai-23d2524ff-2db2-4a3c-b38f-9be696ad0c23Lanterns adorned with ancient poems, lights in the sky, colorful decorations, bright smiles, ever-growing crowds; this is the lantern festival in Shanghai’s Yu Gardens. Every year I keep going back simply to be with the joy of this special happening, celebrating the start of Chinese spring under a big full moon. How dull would life be without ceremony…

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  1. Found your blog through WPDiscover. I really like this series.

  2. That last shot is pretty awesome ! The stillness of that guard while life is moving makes a perfect contrast. Congrats for this beautiful series !

  3. Let there be light. Happy New Chinese Year…
    (Et bon week-end)

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