Quietly They Toil~ Yunnan

The tug go venture into new territory~ YunnanTobacco road~ Yunnanthe strong backbone of the working man~ Yunnanthe loads we carry~ Yunnanspinning tales over gernerations~ Yunnanfield of dreams~ YunnanFarmer in the fog~ Yunnan

For some of us here on earth, the day begins and ends with physical work, and that brings a simple satisfaction of a hard-earned existence. Every working face I saw during my travels in Yunnan was always ready to break into an unapologizing smile; they possessed a contentment that can be forgotten to us in our boxed offices and multiple screens facing us every waking moment. They commune with nature, the wind, the elements, the land and that rewards them with a sense of belonging. They remember that they are earth dwellers and that simple truth is their fountain of wisdom.

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  1. A beautiful post. Just beautiful.

  2. Another fantastic set of photos!!!!

  3. Thank you “Mimo” for sharing what your keen eyes see. 🙂
    Bon week-end.

  4. Such beautiful photos, Mimo – each one seems a painting of color and light. You’ve captured something extraordinary.

  5. Magnificent photographs, a great story. I love your pictures.

  6. What a brilliant post, Mimo, thank you for sharing your beautiful work

  7. An awesome album. Thanks for posting!

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