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Exhibition at Wallstyle Gallery, Duesseldorf


Counting down to the 8th of April and very excited to travel to Germany for my photography exhibition at Wallstyle Gallery  in Duesseldorf. It is incredibly heartwarming to see the impeccable preparation from the side of the gallery, their high standards in human dealing and their dedication and love to art.

I am also so grateful to friends who are traveling from near and far and sometimes VERY far to be with me and my family in this inspiring time of my photographic journey.

Off to the airport in a few hours, inspired, ready and happy.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Hey 🙂 I live your Photography and I live in Düsseldorf.. I didn’t know you had an exhibition here and I was walking down the Immermannstraße and I saw all of these people going inside with a drink in their hands.. Then I saw one of your photographies and I couldn’t believe it.. I am so so so interested in Photography- It is my love and you are one of my favorite photographers so i am so happy you are here in Düsseldorf 🙂
I would love to come to see your gallery

Bon voyage and congrats “Mimo” Marie-Claire.
I’m sure the expo will be a great success. (Wish I could go)
Your “front” picture is perfect.
(Will you one day publish a photo book?)

Hoping very much to visit the exhibition so relatively close by!!
The one on the poster is already excitingly attractive, both dramatic and intimate…

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