Preparing for a new adventure in Doha!

It has been a while after a very eventful summer, and slowly things are settling back into a routine here in Shanghai.

Michael Kistler and I are having another go at the ‘finding yourself in the streets’ workshops this Fall with one planned for November, 2015 in Doha.

fyits workshop flyer Doha

Also I had a very exciting TV interview with MTV Lebanon this summer, you can watch it here. Be warned, it’s the usual Lebanese mix of Arabic and English 🙂

By ~mimo~

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Marie-Claire! Grand Dieu. C’est un très joli prénom, but do you still speak French? (What with English winning the language battle. Ce qui est très dommage)
Hope all is well with you Marie-Claire, and your lovely family.
A bientôt

I’ m very proud of you, Mimo! with love to what we are connected to… *Solange… ( Template Germany )* 🍃

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