For the Love of People~ Yunnan

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the boy who saw through me

the boy who saw through me

flying dreams

flying dreams

early bonds

early bonds

indelibly connected

indelibly connected

Attempting documentary photography and not feeling compassionate love for people would be pointless as far as I am concerned.

I love feeling the humanity in other people’s eyes, to guess at what they are feeling, to lock eyes with them even for a brief moment, to be part of their world for the time I that I am there and later again and again through their photographs.

With each visit to Yunnan, my connections are deepened and I feel compelled to return. Simplicity is a gem in our complex world of today, a fountain of peace to a busy and crowded mind.

More soon from this amazing region of China…

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  1. What a lovely photos! I especially like the second last one. Great job capturing the playfulness of children.

    Keep up the great work and have a great Sunday!

    Kind regards,

  2. the first photo is amazing!

  3. Beauty lies in the “photographed subject’s” eyes?
    Well done Mimo. Additionally you are a master (mistress?) at catching children’s expressions.
    take care

  4. Your work is amazing and inspiring as always Mimo, truly stunning photos.
    How I love this phrase : “Simplicity is a gem in our complex world of today, a fountain of peace to a busy and crowded mind.” A Mimo quote I could see myself use.
    Take care

  5. Your feelings show in these photos. On top of the technical skill there is something of their story being valued.

  6. Beautiful photographs, and beautiful words. Truly inspiring!

  7. It’s obvious that you feel that way about your photos because the humanity shines through in every shot – that’s what makes them so striking and special.

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