Family Ties in the Culture of Yunnan’s Ethnic Minorities

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family ties-3 ~ Yunnan family ties-4~ Yunnan family ties-5 ~ Yunnan (1 of 1) family ties-6 ~ Yunnan (1 of 1) family ties~ Yunnan family ties~ Yunnan-2 family ties~ YunnanIn my journeys into the remote villages of China’s Yunnan province, I was moved by the closeness of the older generation with the children of the tribe. Physical proximity seemed to be an easement factor relied upon in raising the children and arming them with needed confidence as they developed. Parents and grandparents went about their busy workdays with toddlers literally tied to their bodies in colorful embroidered sacks.

Something to consider in our modern world where gadgets are slowly taking the place of our warm human hugs.

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  1. Powerful series – it’s the eyes that do it for me 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos. I did a drawing of one of them, and i just wanted to show it to you:

  3. I love the fact that you’ve focused on the people here. I think that the landscape is too often focused on wheb you can capture something much more meaningful when you photograph the people. I actually love these.

  4. Beautiful, deep and provoking images ~ thank you for sharing!

  5. It’s always a pleasure to see nice pictures like this

  6. nice picture 🙂 tks for sharing

  7. Beautiful photos. I especially like the 3rd picture with its use of shadow and light.

  8. Inspiring and beautiful portraiture. The light is stunning and the captures tell a story.

  9. I love the shots.. cinematic.

  10. Such amazing deep portraits, once again

  11. Fantastic photography!!!

  12. Interesante reflexión.

  13. Beautiful images and apt words.

  14. Interesting journey and great photos ever seen. Thank you for sharing with us.

  15. Fantastic photography. I don’t think life there is easy, but I see the closeness you are telling about.

  16. Awesome! The faces are so interesting.

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