Yunnan’s Smoke Culture~ 2

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seated worker on a smoke break

seated worker on a smoke break

puffing in contemplation

puffing in contemplation

her colorful pipe~ a family tradition

her colorful pipe~ a family tradition

A few more portraits in this series as I travel through an extensive archive of photographs from Yunnan revisiting a world so different to yours or mine.

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  1. Your pictures are astounding. Your work beautifully captures moments in time. Great work.

  2. They are really wonderful shots. Ciao Bea

  3. So interesting, and great photography. So interesting to learn about different cultures, while they still excists.

  4. Great portraits! A good choice to go black and white on the first two photos, and colour on the third!

    I wonder what the guy in the first photo is smoking..


  5. Such great lines on the faces on the bottom two people. Very photogenic. Thanks for sharing.

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