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Life Had Other Plans in Store

We find ourselves on a planet of duality; where there is day, there is also night; we wake up only to then sleep; we feel happiness only to be followed by sadness; and where there is life, there most certainly will be death.

And we feel that life is sometimes unfair, unjust and we wonder why the timings are all wrong and the big question rises in us: “what if?”. We desperately try to reverse time, to wish we had taken one step differently, that we had made a different decision, and it leaves us wondering if destiny is pre-written. We turn to religion for answers, we question our creator, we get desperately angry, then we sink into a bottomless pit of sadness, only to surrender and then move on trying to lift our head high and catch the thread of life we tossed to the side when tragedy met us.

And looking back at my posts from the week before my beautiful young brother died in his tragic accident, there were most definitely subtle signs to prepare me for this. The titles and natures of my images spoke volumes to me before the event.

“It’s later than you think” whispered the ghost of tomorrows lost~


“our fragile strengths”


This post is in honor of George Kheir, my departed young brother, a wonderfully warm, humorous, bursting with life and generous man who left a kind and beautiful family behind. May his soul rest in peace and go to where it was destined to be.

george and family

By ~mimo~

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I’ m very sorry for what happened to your brother – I did not know, before I just read your mail! I send you all my strenght and support for this challenging process…feeling very close, because my Mum died last year, shortly after Christmas ( Please do remember to listen to the gief – tape of L. )!
All my solace to you and keep safe, dear lady of kind <3

No words, other than to assure you that you are not alone. And, I believe, neither is he. I believe that the best way to approach death is through mystery. Nevertheless, the loss is real and present and must be endured. Please take the time you need for mourning.

Sorry to know about the sad demise of your bro. May his soul rest in peace.
You have described in your blog about a larger philosophy of life. The Bhagavad Gita has some beautiful quotes and explanations about looking at life. One who understands its essence, the perspective about life changes. Completely.

Hi Mimo, I would like to express our deepest sympathy to you and your and Georges families. When did it happen, just now over Christmas? Terrible and so useless but we are born to die and we belive that we once will meet again at our fathers place. Mourning will take time and a lot of energy, I wish you tears, strength and friends and family who are there for you. However sometimes you will feel lonely and are going to ask why him, why now but you wont find an answer. I went through all this 14 years ago when my only brother died. It still hurts very much but I am so thankfull that he accompanied me for 24 years and Jonas reminds me a lot of him. Some People only accompany us during a part of our journey but will stay in our hearts forever. Is the photo of him and his family? The photo of Lea´s hand I saw a few weeks ago and thought it was great. That time I had the feeling that you were extremly contemplative, when I was reading your posts. In my memory you are a very happy person that is extremly asertive and cosmopolitan and live seemed so easy for you. I remember on photo which you might have send us to Christmas (?) with the a big full moon over Lebanon, very impressive. Our thoughts are with you and your family Angelika and Jonas

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