Kinetic Life

forever chased by our own shadows

Have you felt lately as though you keep on moving from one task to the next, from one place to another as if chased by your own shadow? It is as if we are all gripped by a fear of being caught standing still. We plan our year before it even starts and we project into our future leaving very little room for the unexpected. Our lives are preplanned and dictated in our phones that link to all our other devices that we allow to remind us that we are not free but bound inside our own self created prisons.kinetic life

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Christmas love
spreads joyfully to
friends, new and old, as
natural as mountain streams
flow under

ice and snow
still moving, to join.
comes from sharing a
round table. Buddha

Jesus, Confucius,
Abraham, Gandhi
and Luther invite a pope
to break bread

under one God
that all pray to here
in Gwangju,
there in Amsterdam,
and Davao, where the

hunt for food
and water reverts to old
ways, not the
usual Christmas,
but children scramble

for goodies
like coconuts, fruit, rare meat
while we feast
on turkey, baked so
well, spring rolls folded

and rolled by
hands so delicate you can’t
what they’ve done. Merry
Christmas everyone.

To me the image represents the rush and constant movement of people as they go about their daily routines, unaware that they are stuck in patterns that are hard to identify. I enjoy this image a lot, it has a lot of depth to it.

This is beautiful. It seems as though we’re always rushing to somewhere while absent-mindedly avoiding the inevitable. It’s interesting though, how you use the word ‘shadow’ as essentially our plight for a hidden life lies in our own perception to reality. That there’s more to the eye than turning a blind one, just as if you were to face your shadow, it’d look the other way. Consequently, life is all about trying to catch this ‘shadow’ before it’s too late.

Bonjour Mme,

That’s a bit gloomy but has the essence of truth for many people in this modern world. My daughter and her family absolutely reflect the kinetic nature of the 21st Century. Fortunately we are able to take life at a more liesurely pace and absord,consider and enjoy our surroundings. Love the picture.



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