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A rapidly changing way of life

The boy in the old alley
The boy in the old alley

The old alleys of Shanghai with their unique way of life, tradition and charm are slowly disappearing to give way to the fast invading modernism of this great metropolis. This little boy and I had a brief staring contest, and he won.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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You are capturing the core union that connects all of us as humans. I recognize that you see beyond what there is to see in normal eyes. You reach beyond the borders, and beyond economic barriers and you show us core personalities, souls like us-who are part of us and we are part of them. You are capturing the invisible, and people are seeing it in your photos. That is not at common trait, that is a very rare gift,-you are shape-shifting the world in your own way, and I acknowledge that you are seeing beyond any veils.

I want to paint some of them, that is how good they are to me. I see the connection between realities that disintegrates the walls that we put up. We are all one, and the same, and we are here. Now. And it is a blink in the universe, this life of ‘Earth’ and you are doing a wonderful job of photographing so that those who cannot see what you see, they can see it in your photograph even if they don’t recognize it. People look and cannot find-but I think they can find when they see some of your photographs and you are helping to connect people in the direction that I think we all hope for.

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