24 thoughts on “featured on Yahoo and the weekly Flickr!

  1. We all just watched this together and loved it!! The photos are so stunning and full of life. Great to hear you speaking about your work too. Siena, Julien and Clio


  2. Your work is unbelievable! I found you as a recommended blog on WP under photography and today when I opened up yahoo I saw a link to your interview! I travel a lot too as a social good blogger but am not a trained photographer. Someday I hope to get some better training as I’d love to improve my photography. Just gorgeous work!

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  3. Beautiful!

    Are we (Mari, Hans and I) going to see you in SH?

    Verzonden met Windows Mail

    Van: Mimo Khair Photography
    Verzonden: ‎vrijdag‎ ‎5‎ ‎september‎ ‎2014 ‎17‎:‎23
    Aan: willemoff@gmail.com

    ~mimo~ posted: “Thank you so much to Yahoo and Flickr for this great feature! Here are the links to the video and images: http://bit.ly/1pwQ6Pe https://screen.yahoo.com/weekly-flickr/moments-emotion-around-globe-201042407.html


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