1. that’s black & white photography as only black & white can be, Hope to do so… one day 😀

  2. Excellent click….Really impressive…

  3. Astonishing photo! Well captured.

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  5. This. Is. Stunning!

  6. beautiful, beautiful words.

  7. This is an incredible photograph Mimo, wonderful!

  8. This is so beautiful, as usual. Where is this waterfall?

  9. Beautiful photo. Simply beautiful.

  10. Great picture, I love it.

  11. Excellent photo. Great expression and lovely b&w tones.

  12. Wow!!! Absolutely magnificent!

  13. Simply outstanding!!!

  14. Wonderful moment captured perfectly!

  15. This photo makes me want to photograph people more… such talent!

  16. Wonderful picture. You have really capured the moment, Mimo. Brilliant.

  17. what an amazing image, wonderful!

  18. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
    Definitely one of my favorites Mimo!

  19. wonderfull picture !!!!

  20. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. What an impressive photograph!

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