People in motion

How cool to find out that you inspire even a little someone you look up to so much in photography !! Thanks Brendan!

Photographic Punctuation

Inspired by one of my favourite photographers, Mimo (go check out her Flickr stream – it is so cool), I did a little series of shots, which you can see below, when travelling last month. I wanted to get a low-down perspective of people in motion. Standing on the travelator in Amsterdam’s Schipol airport, I was caught by the figure in front of me and how cool he looked travelling along this same travelator as I was on. I repositioned the bag I was carrying, so that it would not create an obstacle  and got down on my knees, turned the iPhone upside, placed my finger on the button and snapped. Later, I ran them through Instagram and rotated. The result is a very low-down perspective. HAve posted some of them on my iPhone Flickr account, but you can see them all together here. Hope you like them. Would love…

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