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Motion and the city

motion and the city
Somewhere in Shanghai

I was born in a small village in Lebanon’s north. I saw almost the same faces every day and I knew that nothing was meant to stir after nightfall when we and the village slept. As peaceful as this might sound, it irked me greatly and I longed for movement, for change, for a world that does not sleep, for an energy that is unstoppable. I found that in the big city. I spent my teenage planning my way to move to a big city and to live in the middle of the whirlwind of humanity. Since then I have lived in Beirut, New York City and now Shanghai with several other city stops in between. I feel alive in the big city, I love its people, I am driven by its energy and it inspires me.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Great article and shot. Three ways to go to work in a city, good photographic eye. Talking about the article, sometimes, we, people who lives in big cities, need to stop and take a break in small villages.

Obviously, Mimo, you are where you ment to be. Your photographs are the testimony for that. The life adventure of humanity in the big city, and through it a glance to something else as well. The blures, the angles, the lighting the blacks & whites, the color and Many times what is not in the frame, but hinted at or somehow being suggested is the most powerful.
Visual testimony to personal religion – wow!

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