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Is growth a one-way street?

ascending~rainy day in the city
ascending~rainy day in the city

In a life where we rush from the days of our childhood to gather information and knowledge that we believe will help us grow, many of us end up facing an awakening later along the way. The truth that we seek so desperately appears to be much simpler than we had projected it to be. Maybe instead of all the baggage we carry, the books we read, the college degrees we hang on our walls, a shrinking back to basics is what is needed. Any time I had a revelation of any kind, it seemed to appear from the simplest moments in life, a raindrop, a rainbow, a flower, a walk in the forest, the smile of a child, a look in the mirror, a moment with a friend, a twinkle in an eye…

Every so often I am compelled to change gears and alter the direction of my stride and the search never ends…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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It’s the things we don’t notice that we suddenly notice that we had not been noticing them which can have the most impact. Being a parent is a constant – it is relentless. Often it is looking at a photograph I take of my kids which makes me stop and realise the moments I am sharing with them.
Your post got me thinking.

I am glad it could do that! It was my hopeful intention even though these posts are mostly self reflections. Being able to do have some influence on another is an added and welcome bonus! Have a great week Brendan and keep inspiring!

You say so truly, dear Mimo!
I agree with what you say, all people must change speed. Not to remain in the continuous rush!
I love the picture! Thank you for sharing!
Have a wonderful Sunday! With much love, Stefania! 🙂

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