Day 14~ December 14th~ Guilin

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feeding the people

feeding the people

Despite China being the largest rice producer in the world, the process of cultivation and harvesting remains extremely labor intensive with very little automation. It is people working to feed people, just as it was perhaps meant to be.

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  1. Such a photo is a reminder that we should all do our part to decrease the worsening of climate change in order for vital agricultural practices to survive.

  2. Great shot…… What a Natural Landscape. … Such a nice capture..
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  3. beautiful and yes I believe it is as it should be

  4. Stunning … I’ve seen images of this before, but I didn’t realize where. Thanks.

  5. Beautiful image, Mimo. And your words, too…

  6. Incredible shot, Mimo – one of the most striking landscapes I’ve seen in a long while! Adrian

  7. Very grand. REminds me of the landscape photography of Andreas Gursky.

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