Day 13~ November 13th~ New York

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there are no branches without roots

When I think of New York, I picture many little streams that have their sources all over the planet and I see them flowing and coming together to make one river that is Manhattan. Branches appear to flow too in a very organic way starting with the small roots that come and join at the trunk only to branch out again like tributaries of a river. So many different roots come together to make the massive tree that New York is today and this variety is what makes it ever so special.

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  1. This is so beautiful. I love the juxtapositon of the “natural” tree against the man-made building; both topped off by the blue sky.

  2. Love the photo, Mimo, but I’ve never thought of a city quite like that. Hmmm, food for thought.

  3. Fantastic light, Mimo. And I like the way you captured some of it on the tree. Well done!

  4. so amazing! LOVE it!

  5. great! Thanks a lot.

  6. There’s strength against that lovely blue sky. Great shot!

  7. Interesting pic and words full of meaning!

  8. Yes, it’s true.

  9. Wonderful with that dramatic light and compostition. I like it a lot, Mimo.

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