Day 3~ November 3rd~ New York

city of dreams

For New York to take you in, all you need is a dream. When I think back on what my dream was going to the big city fresh from college and coming from a tiny country so far away, only one word comes to my mind: possibility. This was the place I believed anything was possible. And New York never disappointed me. It made sure I earned what I received, because in a city like this one, you must run and never walk, you must hold your head high despite the pressure pushing it down because if you don’t you can find yourself running back to the old familiar world you came from.

7 thoughts on “Day 3~ November 3rd~ New York

  1. If you have never been in “Parkchester, the Bronx” please go and take your camera. It is a city in itself built on 125 acres in 1938 by Metropolitan Insurance Company. Before that it was an orphanage. It is beautiful and has gone through a decrepit stage in the 1960s but has been cleaned up. Someone saw the beauty of the buildings and the joy that could be had living there. Statuary all over the buildings, doorways and in the center called “Metropolitan Oval.” I spent my childhood summers there in the late 1940s courtesy of my aunt and uncle. Many good memories for me.


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