Day 23~ October 23rd~ Yunnan

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overlook ~yunnan

To stand tall with your head in the clouds whilst your legs are planted firmly on the ground is to truly be living as a human dreams to live…

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  1. Absolutely in touch with earth and elements

  2. Such a powerful image, Mimo, and somehow inspirational.

  3. This is breathtaking. It draws you in to the photo and Im surprised that even with the amazing view in the background I’m still more curious about what she’s looking at

  4. what dose it mean to be a human? ,,,, with nuture ,,,, way are we here ?

  5. I dream to be in a place like this, with clouds wetting mu hair. Thanks.

  6. That is a wonderful picture, Mimo. And since most of them are I have to say: that is a VERY wonderful picture, Mimo!

  7. What a beautiful picture! The determination and the feeling of achievement in her posture is great!

  8. so nice
    Mes Photos et Vous

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