Day 17~ September 17th~ Tuscany

they look down on you

I often wonder if the impressive and extravagant architecture of cathedrals is meant to distance believers from what is heavenly and saintly, almost belittling mere humans in the face of religion. But when I think of religion, the image that comes into my mind is a special place in nature that is so inspiring that it draws on all the awe that lives in me and leaves me in sympathy with the mysteries of life, not scared, not feeling smaller, why would it? Aren’t love and kindness the essence of religion?

11 thoughts on “Day 17~ September 17th~ Tuscany

  1. Wow! This is amazing…You’re right, Nature is the most spiritually inspiring thing. All the architectual intricacies did not stop me looking straight towards the sky!

  2. Love the pics and the thoughts. When I see the grand cathedrals in Europe, I think of the competition of times long ago between the church and the royal families for the support of the people.

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